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Vonzetta & Chris

I’m totally taking the credit for introducing Vonzetta & Chris, even though I think it was a joint effort amongst many of our mutual friends. Vonzetta & I used to work together & we went to Chris’ gym and did pointless elliptical workouts where we really just chatted to unwind from our crazy days at work. We also made use of the sauna in the gym which is definitely more effective than the elliptical. He spotted her in the gym & knew he had to take her out. Boy, am I glad we finally convinced her!

Moving on: Chris & Vonzetta are an incredible couple who love each other fiercely & share a passion for their gorgeous daughter, Maddyx. I was honored to help her with all of her wedding fun, and getting to witness her say “I do” to the man of her dreams, a man you also consider a friend, is just the icing on the cake! It didn’t hurt that it was on the beach in Jamaica, either. But first, we threw a bridal shower brunch! The theme was simple…MIMOSAS. Lots of mimosas.


Next, we had to take the diva out for her last night on the town. We used to go to Nashville before Nashville was the lion’s den of Bachelorette parties. We decided on a Cowgirls & Indians theme and our friends took it to the next level, as per usual. Planning dinner for 18 girls is never easy, but we were up to the task & made sure everyone was ready to be in full theme all night long. We danced the night away after several rally on 2 chants. “What’s the #1 rule? HAVE FUN!”


Finally, we had to get this couple hitched. To go with the spirit of Chris & Vonzetta, a laid back ceremony on the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica was the setting for a perfect day. We helped make sure the bride was dressed & ready to go and that champagne was chilled for guests to enjoy right after the ceremony. I mean seriously, look at these pictures! Absolutely gorgeous! You know what they say in Jamaica, “No Problems, Mon!”


Despite our many travel woes, the trip was flawless & the bride was glowing. I arrived an hour and a half before the ceremony & I went in to full planner mode. The #1 rule of this day was, “Don’t ask the bride any more questions!” My favorite part of the day was being with her as she met with Chris’ dad right before he walked her down the aisle. We were both emotional and I was so proud of her in that moment. My favorite picture from the day was a view that only I got to see and it was perfect…being behind the scenes was a blast!


One reason I enjoyed this wedding so much is because it was really all about the actual marriage. There wasn’t a million details (don’t get me wrong-I love the details)…there was just love, and joy, and smiles, and laughs. Chris had his son as his best man…easily the cutest one I’ve ever seen!


Isn’t she lovely? (Cue the music.)




A stunning day under the sun & filled with love of family & friends.


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