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How to Propose: A Guys Guide to Popping the Question

Today’s post is by yet another GUEST BLOGGER, and the first man we are featuring at Eminence Events, our resident hopeless romantic, Jason. With peak engagement season right around the corner, we wanted to give the guys of the world some helpful tips. Proposing to your future bride is something you only get one shot at, so take our advice, and better yet, bring #EESTL in to help with the final details of how you will pop the question. Yes, we will be there with you to pop champagne after she says yes! Bring it on, Jason!

In timeless excitement and wide eyed anticipation, this age old question, “Will you marry me?” will be asked and that moment can send you, the proposer, into an anti-gravity, slow motion state of suspense. Like being suspended in mid-air and slowly floating into deep space, there is only one thing to save the moment and bring you back to earth in triumph…an acceptable, dare I say inspiring, proposal story.

Let’s face it, for us guys this is our moment, our measure, our ceremony and the pressure is all too real. This is where you will want to do your future self a gigantic favor and put together a moment that will fill your future wife with a gracefully proud response that can match the weight of this lofty question. For if the wedding ceremony is the romantic climax of the public celebration of your love, then the proposal is the all important opening scene, the lead song, the hook, the first chapter. A few of her friends may ask to SEE the wedding photos, but many, if not all, will ask to HEAR about your proposal and that tale will be passed along again and again, for better or worse, being ran through the imaginative filter of timeless proposals past. “So, how did he propose?!” I know…it’s nerve wrecking, but you can do it. Here are some things to think about.


There is no “go to” idea for how to propose simply because everyone is different and every couple unique. A friend of mine proposed through the big screen at a Cardinals game and that was perfect for them, but that would be extremely odd for me. So something to think about in preparing for your proposal is: “What is the personality of your relationship?” That is to say, what are things you often do together or find a common passion for? It could be something like my friends and the baseball game. It could be hiking in the Colorado mountains. Maybe a beautiful solitary location, a family night out, something artsy, or a travel destination. The key is to start brainstorming for ideas that identify your relationships personality traits.

Now let’s filter those ideas by checking to see if they highlight the “her” in your “us.” Remember, the proposal is your moment, but it is ALL about her. So take your thoughts and see what feels more fitting, more exciting, more romantic for her. For instance, if you are a musician, she may support you faithfully and full heartedly, however that is the you in the us, so being proposed to in that environment isn’t going to identify her and probably won’t thrill her. Or you may love to hike and camp and she may join you, but her romantic thrill is in a formal night out for dinner, the symphony, and slow dancing. Ask yourself  “If she was planning her own proposal what would that look like?”

A second part of the her/us equation is whether to include family and friends in your proposal. You may love the surrounding of a crowd and thrive on attention, yet she cringes at the thought, so a public proposal may be horrifying to her. Or you may be a private person and want this to be a private affair, however she may desire to have everyone there and guess what…it is ALL about her, so friends and family need to be considered. Which leads us to the next point…

Listen, your fiancé has a close friend or two that, whether you like it or not, can be a vital source in your plans. They may have an insight, and certainly a view you could use to make the best proposal decisions and avoid a pitfall. Have the wisdom and humility to use this source and, at the least, run your plans through her closest ladies.

Also, don’t be afraid to rally the troops to help you with this night. There aren’t many things more fulfilling to all than a good community of family and friends. Your engagement night is a perfect reason to gather them around and celebrate this joyous occasion and well, to be frank, party together. In my experience, the future of your proposal story can benefit if close friends and family are a part of the experience.  Whether it’s helping with ideas and set up to being there during or afterwards, her friends would probably love to play a part and your efforts to include them will probably go far with your mate. And besides, they will love telling a story that they are a part of, so don’t miss this moment or short change it. Think about letting them help with the proposal plans nd make an entire night of celebrating that everyone will remember.

This is simple, but important. Before the plans are set make sure what you have in mind passes the “special” test. If your plans include the possibility of changing, wrench throwing conditions (such as weather for an outside proposal) make sure you have a plan B and even a C if possible. You don’t want to be caught unprepared and have to make shift this thing.  Think about it from an outsider’s point of view and, more importantly, think about it from you her point of view. Will she find it thoughtful and tasteful, creative and appropriate? Will she want to be asked about the proposal or cringe when asked? And more importantly, will she say yes?! My girls at Eminence Events are perfect for this type of situation & will insure that the proposal goes smooth. 

You don’t want her wishing for a do over so be thoughtful, be creative, be surprising. Think, plan, consult, and prepare. (Basically what we are saying is, HIRE US ! We will make it happen!) For like valiant warriors of old, telling tales of triumph around a glowing camp fire passing down their legends and lore, women will gather around the glisten of the glowing engagement ring to hear the tale of your marriage request.  Are you prepared to give them the magic??

Comment below with the most unique proposals you’ve heard or been a part of. And just a note from the EE crew, make sure she’s had a manicure within a week prior to the proposal! OBVIOUSLY!

Peace, love, and rock n roll- J Black

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